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Kerala Tourism - Kollam

Kollam, till recently officially called Quilon, was an old seaport known as the gateway to Kerala is on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. Being the important hub for the State's marine products industry, it has the port of Neendakara which is the centre for trawlers and ice plants. Neendakara is an important fishing center here, It is also the center of ice plants and trawlers.

Being newly developed, Kollam's beauty is a blend of tradition and modernism. It has the aura of the elite looks of the old traditions. The district of Kollam is gifted with sea, lakes, backwaters, black green forests, cashew plantations and rivers .It is a miniature copy of the entire state Kerala. The district also has some interesting historic remnants and a number of temples built in the traditional ornate architectural style.

¤ Tourist Attractions in Kollam

* Ashtamudi Lake
The serene Ashtamudi Lake is a great place to hanker for in the Kollam district. The house boat trips here are great pleasures and so is the boat cruise. The boat cruise to Munroe Islands is a wonderful experience. The popular cruises one can avail at the place are Kayal Pradkashina Cruise and Sayanthanam Sunset Cruise.

* Quilon
The Dutch Quilon as it was called used to be a British Enclave. The place is also popular as Thangasseri. The lighthouse built at Quilon by the British in the year 1902 is visible as far as 13 miles in the sea. The lighthouse stands to an amazing height of 144 feet. The picturesque view of the sea from the place where lighthouse stands is breathtaking. In the vicinity lies the Portuguese Fort. The fort was built in the year 1517 and at present only a wall of the fort has escaped the assaults made by the time.

* Thirumullavaram Beach
The beach is located about 6 kms from Kollam. The place features a number of legends. Located on the beach is Maha Vishnu Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple houses two images of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva facing the east and the west directions. The legend has it that the original temple lies beneath the sea, about a kilometre away.

* Thevally Palace
Thevally palace is popular for the legendary love of a British resident with a lady from the palace. The place is currently occupied by the army and Public Works Department.

* Jetayu Rock
Jetayu Para is a huge rock the reference of which has been mentioned in the epic Ramayana. The rock is believed to be the spot where the large bird 'Jetayu' fell after failing to spot Ravana while he was taking Sita away.

* Anchal
Anchal is a small town known for its cattle market. The cattle market is held twice in a month and is a large crowd puller. The Mudi festival, celebrated after every 12 years also witnesses a great rush of the people.

* Chavara
Chavara is one important industrialized zones in the state of Kerala. There are large mineral deposits located in the Chavara region. The place supports four major industrial establishments which includes Indian Rare Earths, The Kerala Premo Pipe factory, Kerala Mineral and Metal factory and Titanium Complex.

* Sasthamkotta Lake
Sasthamkotta, the 'Queen of Lakes' is the largest lake in Kerala. Sasthamkotta Lake is located 29kms from Kollam city. Journey through the lake would be really memorable. Sasthankotta is a fresh water lake, surrounded by hills on the three sides. There is an ancient pilgrim center around the lake called Sastha Temple. The tourists can make use of the Pleasure Boating Facility at Sasthamkotta to take a cruise through the freshwater lake stretching over valleys of imposing hills.

* Thirumullavaram
Thirumullavaram, 5 kilometres from Kollam, is the best beach spot. The calm Arabian Sea stretches a long way and the tourists can bask in the cool breeze pervading the place. This expansive beach is an ideal spot for swimming and bathing as well.

* Thankassery
Thangassery is a historical village which is 5 kilometres from Kollam, treasures the awesome remnants of the Portuguese and Dutch forts. Legend has it that the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British ruled this place in succession. A 45 metre high lighthouse is an added attraction to this place.

* Paravoor
Paravoor, 20 kilometres from Kollam, is a narrow skirt of land stretching in between the backwaters and the sea. A beach resort by KTDC and a major water sports complex by Kollam DTPC will adorn this place very soon. The famous Varkala beach is a mere 15 kilometres drive from here. Paravoor is well connected by road and rail.

* Thenmala
Thenmala, 68 kilometres East of Kollam, is a traveller's delight surrounded by dense forests in the Eastern ranges. The Thenmala Dam and pleasure boating along Senthurini Wild Life Sanctuary, organised by Kollam DTPC, is a visual treat to the tourists. The name comes from the best quality honey that this place produce. Thriving forests, riverside trekking and tree top huts are other spots of tourist interest.

* Krishnapuram Palace Museum
It is one of the monuments that can rightfully be called the pride of Kerala. The building has been carefully restored to give visitors the feel of how it looked during the early days.

* Kottangulangara Chamayavilakku
Kottankulangara Chamayavillanku is a special attraction of this place. During the festival celebrated here, hundreds of well built men dress up in the attire of females with the appearance of comely females.

* Picnic Village
This is a government venture which is the center of recreational activities in Kollam district. It is located in Asharamam along the backwaters shore. The main attractions are an Adventure Park, a Tourist club, Children’s traffic park. There is an ancient (200 years old) Government rest house also there.

* Rameshwara Temple
Rameshware temple has inscriptions in Tamil which vindicate the art forms of the Pandyan period dating from the 12th to the 16th centuries. Any viewer will be stunned by the liveliness of the Vyala monster sculptures in this temple as the creatures appear animated and actually climbing up the stairs with their outstretched paws!

* Karunagappally
Karunagappally town has a temple dedicated to Lord Siva, two old mosques and a Mar Thoma Church. An idol of Buddha, recovered from a local tank here, is now kept in the Krishnapuram Palace near Ochira. Karunagappally is situated 27 kms from Kollam Town.

* Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple
This magnificent temple situated on the MC Road is another place of tourist interest. Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple is located 11Kms from Kollam.

* Palaruvi Waterfalls
Palaruvi literally meaning the stream of milk, these enchanting waterfalls offers a glorious view of the water cascading from a height of 300 feet offer. The woods around add to natural beauty. Palaruvi waterfalls is located 75Kms from Kollam city. It is believed that the falling water possess medicinal value.

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  1. So many places are there to visit in Kollam? We only know about some of the places in Kerala, that attracts tourists, like Alappuzha, Munnar, Kovalam. But i think so many places are there in other districts also. And i think Kollam is also famous for backwaters. Nice post, keep posting